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Innovation Foundation Profile


Innovative companies do more than just come up with great ideas. To be innovative you must select the appropriate ideas and implement them. To do this well requires a solid foundation for innovation. This assessment is designed to show you where your foundation is solid, and where it might help to invest to “shore it up” and improve your innovation effectiveness and efficiency.

What it Does:

People, Culture, and Structure comprise the organizational bricks of the Foundation for Innovation. These are combined with Process and Technology to complete the bricks and mortar of the foundation. The Profile also examines those foundational elements that are most closely associated with Corporate Strategy and Innovation Strategy.

The Foundation for Innovation Profile is a proprietary assessment instrument that allows key personnel in your organization to “describe” your innovation foundation. The Profile provides you the opportunity to understand your foundation, and this is done in two dimensions: how you currently operate and then how you regard each of the foundation elements with respect to their importance to your future success.

Why It Can Help:

We have defined and converted these foundation elements (People, Culture, Structure, Process and Technology) into an environmental picture of what your innovation modus operandi looks like.

The Foundation for Innovation Profile gives you the blank pieces of the mosaic, you tell us what they look like, and we put them together to form the completed work. We add an analysis that shows your organization’s potential for consistent innovative successes.

This picture can clarify the reasons for your successes, and the underlying foundational causes of your limitations, and identifies what brick and mortar items must be strengthened for improved innovative performance.

What is the Investment?

There are three investments involved:

    1. About half-hour of time from your people to complete the profile questionaire. (We will need at least 15 respondents, and we will help you select who should respond. More than 15 is also ok and does not cost any more.)
    1. $9,800 for the analysis, report and discussion with us as to the findings.
  1. The changes you will need to make to improve your Foundation for Innovation based on the reports recommendations.

How Do You Get Started or Learn More?

If you’d like to understand a bit more about how the thinking behind the Foundation assessment and you want to read about it, please see our white paper.

If you would prefer to communicate with us directly, you can e-mail Bayard.