Innovation Acceleration Workshop

What This Workshop Is About

As companies drive to create and execute product and process innovation, they must find effective ways to involve their people in the process more effectively. Innovation is more than just idea generation. You have to select the right ones to implement and then you have to execute. Different skills are required at each stage of the process and human dynamics are a big factor.

This workshop combines team exercises and content presentation to involve everyone in better understanding what is keeping YOUR company from being more innovative and how you can leverage your team and culture to create an innovation driven environment.

By the end of this half-day workshop, your team will better understand:

  • How to capitalize on each person’s natural approach to the innovation process
  • What type of innovation your company is using and how to leverage that culture
  • Where they may be limiting their thinking
  • How each attendee can help accelerate the innovation process in your company

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for companies, divisions of companies, and departments within companies that are ready to really accelerate innovation. If you’re ready to change how you manage innovation to get better and more predictable results, then this workshop is for you.

We recommend that 3-5 people come from the company, division or department (it’s the same price whether you have one person or five) because they can work on real company issues during this workshop. This can include people from all levels of the company. All should find value in what this workshop offers.

If you have 15 or more people you would like to have attend, please contact us regarding a private workshop for your company.

Where and When

We schedule these 1/2-day workshops based on demand.

If you are interested in attending one you can indicate your interest and we will let you know the precise date(s) then you can make a final decision about attending.

What Other Attendees Have Said About Our Workshops

  • “I found this workshop eye-opening, and will be able to implement its teachings.”
  • “This course caused us to look at our customer qualification process in a whole new way.”
  • “The techniques learned help bring order to what has traditionally been a chaotic process”
  • “Any company that will take the time to apply the principles taught in this class will see positive results to the top and bottom line.”
  • “Your well prepared material was top notch and kept the interest level in the room way up.”
  • “We really enjoyed the workshop – thanks for helping us make it applicable to our real-world problems.”
  • “Humorous, articulate, and focused, [you] captured the group’s attention from the beginning and never let go.”

What’s The Investment

You can’t get better without making an investment. This workshop involves several investments on your part to get the results you need, want, and demand. Here are the three investments:

  • The 1/2-day that attendees are not at work doing whatever it is they would have done that day.
  • The change(s) you will need to accept to make what we are going to teach work in your company.
  • $995 per company for up to five people per company. If you want to bring more than five people it is $200/person for each additional person above five.

Indicate Your Interest in Attending